Over the past 10 to 20 years there has been an explosion of new knowledge about cerebral palsy. It is time to reset our expectations and our approach to treatment interventions. This site will provide age appropriate, evidence-based and best practice information to help families advocate for up to date care.



The Pape Family Foundation was endowed by Karen shortly before her death to provide funds to ensure her groundbreaking work and approach to understanding brain recovery and neuroplasticity in baby brains will reach the children and families who need it.

The Foundation is looking for projects that support Karen’s vision. As she wrote in 2016:

My goal for children with early brain, nerve or spinal cord damage is a cure for some and improvement for all. This is real hope for a better future and it is a change that together we can achieve.

If you are interested in supporting the foundation, donations payable to “Pape Family Foundation” can be sent by mail to 306-25 Scrivener Square, Toronto, ON M4W 3Y6, or made online at:


For further information please contact either Wing Lam wslam@karenpapemd.com or Sarah Pape sarah@karenpapemd.com

Charitable Registration Number: 753925080RR0001

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